Our services

De Jager offers you the following services:

  • MOT trucks over 3500kg
  • Repair, fault diagnosis and maintenance of all models of trucks, both towing and towed
  • Logging and installation of tachometers, including for light trucks and vans
  • Installation of filters for heavy-duty trucks
  • Installation and annual check of alarm systems
  • Hydraulic service
  • Airco service
  • Rental of heavy-duty trucks and trailers
  • Import and registration of foreign registered vehicles
  • RDW (Dept. Of Transport) on-line logging of export of all Dutch registered vehicles
  • RDW on-line logging of scrapping of all Dutch registered vehicles
  • Issuing of green cards
  • Issuing of export license plates, both Dutch and German
  • Europe-wide recovery service
  • Purchase and sale of all models of company cars
  • Supply of spare parts for all models of trucks and accessories, new and used
  • Ad-Blue
  • Saving fuel by Engine management through Eco Setting